Lighting has last touch effect for each event. Real Sound Rental offers a conceptual design for each party, concert or event.

Real Sound Rental has a wide range of components – fixed or moving lights, desks, computer-programmable control systems compatible with all types of equipment.

Real Sound Rental offers lighting for:

  • corporate events:    
  • cocktails
  • conferences
  • corporate celebrations
  • grand opening events    
  • Interior and stage lighting, Real Sound Rental offers a conceptual solution to its customers – this gives style to corporate events and makes them memorable for guests and business partners. Colorful accents and toppings of the hall and specially selected stage light make every event a unforgettable experience.


  • club concerts
  • concerts in halls
  • outdoor concerts    

Concert lighting creates 50 % of the impression of each show. Whether it is a small club show or an outdoor event, lighting complements and highlights the stage performance of the artist. Each show is implemented according to customer`s desire and the show script. And last but not least - to make a perfect show, Real Sound Rental sound engineers study in detail every part of artists’ music and performance. Real Sound Rental`s lighting technique is fully configured to support any size and location of concerts - from small club events to large open air concert stages.